What is CONXTD?

CONXTD is a mobile app, and browser service on desktop for Self or Professional Monitoring. End users can get CONXTD for one or multiple sites, receive notifications and invite a community of friends, family and colleagues too. Alarms are converted into icons and colours, displayed in graphs, timelines and tables.

CONXTD is an online application which is sold by installers to end users. A CONXTD subscription can be added to a WebWay signalling site post installation and commissioning. You, the installer, are in control of the invitation process, billing and lifecycle of the connection.


CONXTD is pronounced “Connected”. The X denotes that we can effectively connect anything (x) to the platform and use it to exchange data between our mobile app and other services, such as your preferred monitoring station. CONXTD is a trademarked brand.

Who bills the customer for CONXTD?

You bill the customer.

Can I get trained on CONXTD?

Yes, simply request training via the 'Ask us a question button' on the right.

Can it be used with Professional Monitoring?

CONXTD can be used with or without Professional Monitoring services from an ARC. End users must be made aware of the consequences of self monitoring their site with regards to emergency service response etc. CONXTD can be used with any of our ARC partners.

Can a user turn on Professional Monitoring?

CONXTD can be purchased with Professional Monitoring today. We are working on a solution where you can purchase a temporary monitoring contract from your ARC. The user can then activate temporary monitoring from within the App. We expect to release temporary monitoring during summer 2017. End users can already simply request that you provide them with permanent Professional Monitoring, and you can instruct us to amend the site.

Which WebWay products support CONXTD?

All WebWay devices which signal to our hosted platform can be sold CONXTD. CONXTD accesses the data within the platform and it’s operation is completely separate from the type of WebWay device you have installed in the customer premises. CONXTD can be sold to any existing or new system.

How do I sign up a site to CONXTD?

You invite and manage user's CONXTD subscriptions from within WebWay World Connections.

Simply log into Connections, click the CONXTD logo next to the site and enter the end user details. CONXTD will send an email to the end user, including your company name as the invitee.

Can the user share their site?

Yes. The end user can use the Community area of the platform to invite family, friends or colleagues to view the site. The end user can set a permission for the user invited. Future releases will enable the end user to restrict the invited user to specific Notifications, and have access for a specific date range.

Can my company be an invited user?

You can ask the end user to invite you to their site. We are working on installer views of CONXTD as an enhancement to WebWay World. You can still view all the data that the end user sees in WebWay World by looking at the alarm logs per site.

How does the customer get support?

We have embedded a sophisticated knowledge base and ticketing system within CONXTD. Customers have access to a growing knowledge base of helpful articles and can submit tickets to CONXTD support which we will respond to. We are working on enabling you to see tickets and responses that we create. We do not speak to the customer, all support is electronic. Issues can be escalated to you.

What alarm protocols does CONXTD support?

CONXTD operates best when using SIA3 signalling. See our list of integrated systems at www.webwayone.com or the support area of www.webwayworld.com. Pin alarms are also supported (as we translate the Pin to a SIA code).

Does CONXTD work with WebWay Imaging?

Yes. The images displayed in CONXTD are from cameras to which we integrate. See the Network and Partner pages of www.webwayone.com or the support area of www.webwayworld.com for all our integrations.

Does the customer get Notifications to their phone?

Yes. CONXTD has a sophisticated Notifications engine. The customer can receive all alarms or restrict by the SIA family.




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