A new feature within CONXTD that enables end users to set and unset their alarm system remotely.

How it works

An output on the WebWay is wired to the panel and the panel is programmed for the function.

When a button is pressed on CONXTD a message is sent instructing the WebWay to change the state of the output which causes the panel to change state.

The panel then generates a SIA alarm of the action which will display to the user in CONXTD and generates a notification.

Please Note: The arming timer on the Alarm Panel must be set to a maximum of 45 seconds for the Remote Set/Unset feature to function effectively.

Keypad or CONXTD

CONXTD intelligently detects the state of the panel even when set manually, so you can set via the keypad and unset via CONXTD.

Add feature to new or upgrade existing installations.

Supported by all Mk 6 WebWays (since Nov 2015) running SPT V2.0 and above.

Panel Compatibility

Tested and Signed Off for enabling the Remote Set/Unset Feature:

Individual setup guides are available for each panel including wiring and panel programming.


Subscribing a new site to CONXTD

If the WebWay and Panel are compatible a box will come up ‘Enable set/unset’. Tick this box and the feature will automatically be enabled for the Admin of the site.

Add to an existing CONXTD site

Go to CONXTD Subscription Manager and submit a request using the ‘Help’ button next to the site stating you want to enable Remote Set/Unset for the admin.


Remote Set / Unset is included in our standard CONXTD subscription.

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