• For use with low grade systems

• For use with single area alarm systems

• May not be suitable for sites with specific insurance or police response requirements. It is the responsibility of the Installer and End User to ensure this requirements are not affected.

• The user must follow the instructions of feature and await confirmation (on screen confirmation and/or push notification)

Impact on Regulations

The support for a user to have the ability to set or unset their alarm system from a mobile app is becoming increasingly popular. Currently there are few regulations in place to restrict the use of this feature (ref the following series of standards, EN50131, PD6662 and the proposed PD6669).

WebWayOne’s recommendations to Installers and End Users:

• The app should support a secure and encrypted communications link from the mobile device to the panel. The app should not connect directly to the alarm system.*

• The app should connect to a centralised server prior to the authorised connection to the panel.*

• The centralised server should record all instances of remote access including the time & date of access and the user.*

• There should be adequate user controls that allow the installer or user to add or delete users who have access to the feature.*

*Supported by CONXTD

The end user and/or installer should check whether remote set or unset of the panel affects the validation of insurance.

It is the responsibility of the end user and/or the installer to review users who have remote access to the system.



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