Today we're launching something very special, the first Dual Path Radio alarm signalling solution. It's the perfect upgrade to PSTN single path or Radio/PSTN solutions - taking away the cost of lines, the hassles of installs and the worries of VoIP.

Wireless Dual Path Signalling. Zero telephone line costs, zero hassle.

Our WebWay Smart range of Dual Path Signalling solutions has a new 100% wireless option. Smart Dual Radio is the perfect upgrade for Grade 2 and 3 Radio/PSTN installations – the first to eliminate call costs and phone charges in a Dual Path solution.

WebWay Smart Dual Radio

WebWay Smart Dual Radio connects the alarm system to our European Standards approved signalling platform using two separate radio network connections. Your Smart Dual Radio uses two radio modules and two SIMs (both roaming), from two different and independent network providers. Each path is polled at the same rate for Grade 2, 3 signalling. Each path supports alarm transmission, UDL and CONXTD, the Social and Professional network for alarms.

Simple to install - No need to involve the customer

Smart Dual Radio is very easy to install, you don’t need to wire the Smart Dual Radio solution to the customers PSTN telephone line or broadband. Connect to your alarm panel, position the Radio Modules and dual antennae and power on. You don’t have to worry about the many things that can effect a PSTN line such as Next Generation Networks, shared lines, changes to provider, customer interference, REN values or PABX’s. Smart Dual Radio improves upon Radio/PSTN solutions by giving you alarm transmission and UDL over either path (Radio/PSTN systems only do this over Radio).

“Using WebWay Smart Dual Radio, Dual Path signalling has never been so quick and easy to commission or more reliable and scalable. Reduce customers costs by eliminating the need for a land line and call charge. Add value to your clients using our library of approved Works With WebWay manufacturers and the CONXTD Self Monitoring solution.” Chris Carter Brennan, Managing Director, WebWayOne Ltd.

“WebWay has worked with Cisco Jasper for many years, and this Dual Radio solution showcases the power of the platform. WebWay can manage multiple networks via the Cisco Jasper platform, something you can’t do effectively with PSTN signalling. This is a perfect application for Cisco Jasper, empowering an IoT network provider like WebWay to deliver a new managed digital service that enhances the customer experience.” Kalle Ward, Managing Director, EMEAR, IoT Cloud at Cisco Jasper.

PSTN issues in the past

  • Very easy to install dual path signalling for Grade 2, 3 and 4 systems.
  • No need to ask customer for any telecoms information.
  • BT21CN or Sky VoIP issues, gone.
  • Customer can't interfere with communications equipment.
  • No busy tone, call barring or dedicated lines.
  • Customer switching telephone provider a problem of the past.


  • 2 independent Radio paths.
  • SIMs from different mobile network providers.
  • Both SIMs roam all networks for 3G and GPRS services.
  • High speed transmission on both paths.
  • Bi-directional comms for alarms and UDL anytime, both paths.

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