INIM SmartLoop Fire Panel

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Integration Requirements

Manufacturer INIM
SPT Firmware Nano & Pro - V2.02 (Minimum Version)
Remote Manager Version V3.4.0.2
INIM SmartLook application Firmware V1.0.4
Panel Profile INIM-SMARTLOOP-RS232
MCM, Serial or Peripheral Serial
Panel Bus Connection RS232
Cable required Yes, Product code: 05-5017

Cable Connection

WebWay SPT Panel via DB9 connector
R -232 Pin 3
T - 232 Pin 2
RTN Pin 5

Connection Diagrams

SPT Connection<br />Newer models will still use the same<br />T-232, R-232 and RTN

SPT Connection
Newer models will still use the same
T-232, R-232 and RTN

Panel Connection

Panel Connection

Integration Programming

  • Integration to the INIM SmartLoop fire panel is via the panel’s RS232 serial port. A protocol option of the panel is configured to report the log events and handleing UDL communications.
  • Integration also supports UDL communications with INIM's SmartLook application to the fire panel via WebWay Remote Manager.
  • This Panel integration supports the following SIA alarms and events.
  •     Fire Alarm - FA
  •     Fire Alarm Recovery - FR
  •     Mains Supply Fault - YP
  •     Mains Supply Recovery - YQ
  •     Battery Fault - YM
  •     Battery Recovery - YR
  •     Panel Programming Ended - LS

Panel Set Up

  • - Default panel code = 00004
  • - Press the 'ESC' button to display Menu
  • - Navigate to Printer settings (the 8 button)
  • - Within these settings select printer set up (the 2 button)
  • - Select 'Log on Serial' as printer type
  • - Press the 'Return' symbol button
  • - Press 'ESC' until the panel resets

UDL information for this item can be found here: About UDL


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