Texecom Premier - MCM

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Panel Connection - MCM

Manufacturer Texecom
Model Premier
Version 24, 412, 816, 832
Panel Firmware Range v1.x - v10.x
Cable required? No
MCM or Serial MCM
Panel Profile Texecom Digi
Panel Bus Connection None
Techincal Notes Please see below

Cable Connection

T (Digi Phone Line) MCM plug-on module - Line a
R (Digi Phone Line) MCM plug-on module - Line b


SPT and MCM module

SPT and MCM module

SPT and MCM module

SPT and MCM module

Panel Programming

  • Enter Engineer Mode
  • Communicator Options
  • Enable Communicator to ENABLED
  • Enable DTMF Dialing to ENABLED
  • Pulse after 3rd attempt to DISABLED
  • European Pulse Dialing to DISABLED
  • Enable Test Transmissionm to OPTIONAL
  • Enable Cancel Call Waiting to DISABLED
  • Enable Backup to ARC
  • Enable Blind Dialing to ENABLED
  • ARC 1 Menu
  • Phone number to generic number 01234 567890
  • Account number Partiton (1) ENTER SITE ID
  • (Ensure reporting for partition(s) is enabled)
  • Protocol SIA is Level 2/3
  • Dial Attempts is 09
  • Partition Options set to 1234 (optional)
  • Reporting Options set to 12345678 (optional)
  • Protocol Options must all be BLANK
  • Exit Engineer Mode

UDL information for this item can be found here: UDL Test


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