Texecom Premier Elite

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Panel Connection - TTL

Manufacturer Texecom
Model Premier Elite
Version 12, 24, 48, 88, 168, 640 (Premier 48)
Panel Firmware Range v1.xx + v2.xx + v3.xx + v4.2.1
Cable required? Texecom TTL-molex (05-0246)
MCM or Serial Connection Serial
Panel Profile TEXECOM Profile
Panel Bus Connection TTL
Techincal Notes

Cable Connection

WebWay Terminal Point Texecom Panel Connection
TTL - T (RED) Com Port 1 Pin 2 from right
TTL - R (Green) Com Port 1 Pin 1 from right
RTN - (Blue) Com Port 1 Pin 3 from right

PRO Unit Connection

PRO Unit Connection

Texecom Cable 05-0246

Texecom Cable 05-0246

Panel Programming

  • Enter Engineering Mode > Press Menu

  • Select UDL/Digi Options
  • Under Digi Options
  • Ensure the first and last option are set to E****A
  • Under UDL Options
  • Select UDL password (Enter required password) 1234 as default
  • Under Area Accounts A,B,C,D Should be Blank

  • Select Program Digi
  • Set Arc 1 Protocol to SIA level II
  • Primary and Secondary Number should be blank
  • Set ‘Account Number’ as the Chip number (provided by the ARC)
  • Dialling Attempts set to 2
  • Reporting Areas set as required (A***)
  • Reports as required (Final option should be set to ‘R’ to enable restores. If set to * you will see no restores)
  • Set Config or Config 1 as ******IT (I=Connect via IP and T=Send SIA Text)
  • Set Config 2 (if available) to 1** to use com port 1

  • Select Com Port Setup
  • Select Com Port 1, set this to Emizon/WebWayOne

  • Select Setup Modules Menu
  • Under Setup IP Data
  • Ensure Com IP Address is
  • Enter Com IP Port as 50561
  • Set Com Gateway to
  • Set Subnet Mask
  • Name/SMG Port should be set to 50561
  • Log Out of Engineer Mode

  • Restart Panel and WebWay to establish the electrical connection


  • Final Restart of Panel and WebWay is essential.

  • “ATS path fail com 1” refers to a communication path issue. This can be disabled via Global Options > Hardware > Turn off ‘ATS Path faults’ , also select Areas > Options > ATS Path Faults - deselect all areas and finally under Com Port Set up > On board digi needs to be set to ‘nothing fitted’.

  • Panel Vr 2.09 has Com Port Issues This will not integrate this is fixed in Firmware Vr 2.09.01

  • Panel version V3.0x requires Com Port 1 enabled in Protocol Options. Under ‘Program Digi’ Menu > Config 2 > Set to use comm port 1.
    If only Com port 2 or 3 is available: Make sure the baud rate (modem speed) is set to 19200.

  • For UDL on V3.0x panels Wintex 6.2 (Build 2.11) is required.

  • SIA String [#1234|Nri1BA004|AMain Off R - has no ']' close bracket this is likely to be due to a 'special character' in the Zone Name. EG: (!/£$^&*).

  • Lost/Recovery Issue - Go to Program Digi > Config 1 and make sure A is not set i.e. A*****IT. It should be just ******IT.

  • If No Alarms are seen - Go to the UDL/Digi Options > Setup Modules menu > Modem speed and make sure it is set to 19200.

  • Only the alarm format SIA is supported.

UDL information for this item can be found here: UDL Test


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