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Remote Manager Setup

To communicate with Remote Manger, the INIM Smartlook application requires virtual serial ports assigned as the communication interface to it. Once two serial ports have been virtually linked, the INIM SmartLook application must be configured to open one port and a Remote manager session to open the other. 


Virtual serial port setup using Com0Com:




Create an INIM SmartLook UDL session

1) Run up Remote Manager.

2) Click on the [Sessions] menu item and select the [New] menu item. RM will display a new [Session Configuration] page.

3) Give the new session a name by entering a name in the [Session Name] edit box.

4) Then click on the [Session Type] drop down list box and select [SmartLook-RS232] from the list.

5) Click on the [SSH Server 1 IP] edit box and enter the IP address of the PC that is running the SSH Server and WebWayOne’s MCT application and press the [Save] button.

6) After filling in the login details and pressing the [Login] button, a site selection form is displayed.


7) To add or remove entries on the list, click on the [Advanced] link.


8) Select and highlight your site and press the [Call] button to initiate a connection to the remote SPT and panel. If a connection has been successfully established, a live session will appear in the bottom pane of Remote Manager.

INIM SmartLook Application

This application does have a concept of remote sites but not the ability to inform RM what site it wants to connect to. Its IP communications method is not compatible with RM so that IP address mapping cannot be use and there is no PSTN. It is able to connect to the panel via an RS232 serial cable local to the panel.

To communicate with a remote site, Remote Manager allows users to select their site as you login.


1)Change the [Connection] to ‘Serial port'.

2)Change the [Serial port] to the virtual port COM2.

3)Press the [Save] button.

4)Get RM to login and choose a site account.

5)Press the [Read from panel] icon and follow instructions.

6)Note that the connection will be dropped after 1 minute of no data transmission.





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